Saturday, October 13, 2012


Congress ShutDown 2014
"Italians Go Back To Your Country Bahut Loot Liya Hamare Desh Ko"

Where there is a peace there is a long life. India a developing nation bounce back to an underdeveloped nation due to the policies made by congress (UPA). Promises always made by Congress but scams, corruption, crime only fulfilled. It’s a shame that in the city New Delhi which is a capital of India where all high profile ministers including Indian Prime Minister residing comes in one of the top most list of crime cities. If head at home unable to provide you safety others can be misguided easily. Since Nehru, Gandhi’s are ruling India but till now power problem has not been solved, water problem is still a problem, roads are not well built and many other basic amenities are in state of lacking. Where this all money goes? This money is used mostly by ministers for their foreign trips and for other personal family uses. Govt. always levied taxes and still no progress is visible.

Hurted Statements Of Congress Ministers:-
1. Salman Khurshid said in front of media that " I can die for Sonia Gandhi ". This shows Salman Khurshid can't die for country India. He is just living for Sonia Gandhi.
2. Salman Khurshid said 3rd grade people in India trying to take the govt. in their hands, but we won't let them to form a govt and even they have nothing to do to built own govt. So, Salman Khurshid as Law Minister what you have given to country? What your police given to country when they raped womens in jail? Where is law when a female die due to dowry?
3. Prime Minister said " Paise Paidh Pe Nahi Ugteh". If money not grows on trees then the taxes you collect that goes for CWG Scam, 2G Scam, Coal Scam, Adarsh Scam and now Jawai Vadra Scam (Jawai Scam).
4. Sonia Gandhi who is an Italian still ruling India.. (INDIA IS STILL UNDER RULE OF ITALIANS NOW, WE HAVEN'T GOT INDEPENDENCE FROM). After 1947 now another independence is needed from Italians.. Our Naara should be now - Italians Go Back To Your Country Bahut Loot Liya Hamare Desh Ko.
5. Every  Congress ministers is now very overrating and always repeat that we will make govt. again in 2014 so that they can start looting more money.
6. It was Anna Hazare, Baba Ram Dev who wants some development in country but UPA ministers not want because their hands are already black with such crimes and have fear to go in jail if they support strong Lok Pal Bill and Getting Back Black Money.

It's Time now to through out congress from its roots. Let's hold each other hands now and shutdown congress in 2014 permanently and let gandhi's rule over forever and let Italians go back to their country Italy..

Hamara Naara - ""Italians Go Back To Your Country Bahut Loot Liya Hamare Desh Ko""


  1. We are with you lets throw out Congress from India permanently.. Cheers !!!

  2. yes throw out congress